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Throughout the world, the city of Miami holds the distinction of being a different kind of landmark. It is not simply a vacation destination… it is a vibrant atmosphere of culture and entertainment. It is more than a global business hub… it is a nexus of international talent in industries ranging from finance and technology, to art and beyond.

Most importantly, Miami’s history is not yet fully written… anyone with vision can influence countless generations to come and shape the future of the city. Okan Tower Miami is your chance to fulfill that destiny.

As one of the tallest skyscrapers anywhere in the entire Miami metropolitan area, Okan Tower is a monument to all that is possible when imagination and opportunity come together. Located in the heart of the growing downtown Arts & Entertainment district, this iconic property is a beacon to everything that makes the Miami experience so unforgettable. Gorgeous ocean views, thrilling concerts, creative world-class dining, designer shopping, professional sports, museums and theatre, dazzling beaches, and a vibrant zest for life now has Okan Tower at its center.

We invite you to make OKAN Tower the center of your universe as well.

For more information, contact Roberto Malca at (786) 303-8841

Okan Tower Miami